Faith vs. Fate

March 23rd, 2009

Faith vs. Fate
I believe that sometimes we get confused about the difference between accepting things as they are and resigning ourselves to how things are. These are two very different ways to look at things but the difference in how you approach reality is sometimes the difference between a peaceful life and a stress filled one.
I call this difference of perception Faith vs. Fate. There exists out in the world all sorts of reasons to choose turmoil; there is no lack to these things they are all around us. The only real control we have is in how we approach all these things.
Often when people start looking to improve themselves they try things for a little while and then give up, much more common however are those that try for a few months even and when things don’t work out they say, “well I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” It’s when you say this that you resign yourself to whatever “fate” has in store for you. I would rather see people approach these sorts of situations with faith. When something doesn’t work out as you intended there is always a lesson to be learned that will help you in your next venture, or even in your next attempt at the same venture.
Faith is asking yourself “what can I change next time that will improve my experience?” Sometimes the answer is that you need to set out in another direction entirely, but most of the time you find that in looking at what didn’t work, we will find out what does work.

Next week we’ll begin a two part free teleseminar called “Being The Miracle, finding your inner happiness regardles of circumstances.” I’ll have more information on this great call tomorrow, but for now, have a beautiful day.


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